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Visual artist Taina Kemppi, Riihimäki

I´m a 34-year-old student and hobby artist. Currently I´m studying in the evenings at the art school in Hyvinkää. My previous education is a confectioner.

In my spare time I am learning oil painting and sculpting. I´m especially fond of illustrating naive and surrealistic human and animal characters.

Member of Mielentaide ry since 7.3.2015

Mielentaide ry member of the year 2016

The visitors of "Art between earth and sky 2017"- exhibition, held in Helsinki in May, voted Taina´s painting "Vedenalaismaailma" as the best in exhibition.

Taina´s painting "Yhdessä täällä" was the most liked painting in exhibition in Tuusula in 2017.


Osumia: 40