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Visual artist Sanna Pynnönen, Laukaa

I am a 36-year-old free artist and a mother of a large family from Central Finland. I´m originally from Northern Ostrobothnia. I graduated from University of Jyväskylä in 2007 as Master of Science, main in history of arts. I also have second degree and university level studies in art.

I have painted and draw as long as I remember. I did my first oil painting when I was 5-years old. My painting was about dinosaurs and it ended up on my grandparents living room. Besides oil paints I have done drawings with different techniques, gouache and acrylic paintings and collages with mixed techniques. I´m familiar with sculpture and installation art too. For me a starting point of an art is defined by subject and a fitting expression, not a technique as much. Art is a sort of utopian or dystopian fantasy world for me: you can get anywhere and end up in everywhere. For me there´s no limits in art.

Making art is a on going prosses in my mind that I can´t nor want to put down. When I´m not concretely making art, my mind is working on ideas, techniques and different ways of doing things. Usually my head is so full of different ideas that I don´t have time to sketch all of it and I don´t think that I necessarily must. With my work I want to express the non-visible world dreams, state of mind and feelings. On the other hand, the subjects and the content of my work can be seen as socially meaningful. I want to describe subjects that a viewer can feel similarity to through personal experience or through someone close to them. Art can also be a tour to an artist’s mind and then the viewer can experience an adventure with not familiar subjects at all.

I have experienced many ups and downs in my life. There has been many losses and challenges too. I feel that art and making it is something that can´t be taken away from me. Art is a part of me and through my work I am also a part of art with other artists. I don´t do art to be famous I do art for passion.


Member of Mielentaide ry since 28.8.2

The Crossing exhibition artwork

My artwork chocen to Finlandia hall´s exhibition shows about mental health. I am a mental health rehabber and I know from my own experience how life-stopping and crippling depression feels like. Themes about mental health has been the starting point of many of my works.

Depersonalization (number 15.) tells to unstable and dissociative mind about a possible ego-state where a person experiencing depersonalization feels themselves or their surroundings as unreal or disconnected from this reality.

With this work I wanted to picture depersonalization, where this person in ego-state is feeling anxiety and alienation, but can´t get out of that state. In this mood you see and hear things that aren´t real, but are more like feelings, voices and smells, that are cutted from self.

Character in this painting is screaming, but her voice isn´t hearing. Character is gray because she has lost her touch of her feelings. Death´s-head hawkmoth´s foreshadows negative things to happen. Hair is waving like in the wind, that is blowing in surrealistic way from all directions. Time has stopped and atmosphere is eerie.

Dissociative self-portrait (number 14.) is a self-portrait of me as a dissociative artist. In this work there is many persons who all display a side of one and the same person. My self-portrait isn´t traditional portrait where a person is pictured in this living world with different personal symbols.

Starting point to this work are adult ego-states that are typical to unstable personality and my own experiences as a person who hears voices.

A vulnerable child is on the stairs, holding keys and looking the charaters in front of her, being shy and reserved. Up front on the left is a character who can´t see dissociative reality, living more in this our reality that´s why for example she has white eyes that are descriping blindness to dissociative phenomenons. She has a hole in her head, descriping jamming thoughts.

Below is a sleeping character, who hasn´t woke up yet: she is a possible healthy and a full ego-state who is growing and developing between the other characters, waking up sometimes or sleeping endlessly.

On the right is a character with three faces: she has many eyes, ears and mouths, descriping hearing voices and also occasionaly seeing delusions. Back of her head is a face looking oldish and bored: that is like a depression character that is never smiling and can´t feel anything else but intense sadness and melancholy.

The laughing mouth under the collarbone is mocking to all the others: it is spiteful and mean, reflection of a ego-state of a punishing parent.

With this same character of many faces, there is a hole in her lower stomach and there is seen a metaphor of a ovaries with a tiny character hanging in there. She is the one who wants to be a safe adult to all ego-states, but sometimes momentarily pushes to get out and get her voice heard.

On the backround of the work there is a codework, that I developed when I was a child. Texts in this work are important sentences for me. There reads ia "love is eternal truth".

When I´m not there anymore (number 13.) story is similar to Depersonalization. Atmosphere of this work images when you´re not emotionally achievable to you´re closed ones. This feeling can be temporary or a long-term state. You can see thematics of alienating.

The main character of this painting is like a rock that is crumbling. Atmosphere is surrealistic and floting. This work is a one kind of a dream picture, but the basis are found in this realitys feelings that are sure familiar to everyone at some point of life.

The burden (number 16.) I painted this work for this exhibition. This painting tells how heavy is the burden that depressed or exhausted person carries with them. Character in this painting is fording alone in cold water during the sunset. She has a fishnet on her back that has a lot of burden. You can see that burden as a emotional symbols: on the net is a lot of things from past life. There is also a different kind of vanitas subject because of the skull. Taakka-painting can also be seen as a socially meaningful and a current subject when talking about waste produced by people and artefacts ending up in to the nature. Then the burden is societys burden because all the carbage, waste and plastics are all of ours. Backround of the painting there is a city silhoutte. There are buildings and other people but the woman in the painting isn´t going there she is lonely. Someone might think it´s her own choise but one who has suffered from loneliness and social exlusion knows that the choise isn´t always their own and things aren´t that black and white.

Osumia: 36